What is it they say in the army?…. “If it moves, salute it…if it doesn’t, paint it!!” At Attention to Detail we paint all sorts of things, not just cars!!!

Just lately we have had a couple of interesting jobs for a local construction company. They needed some air vents covers & a 3m high galvanised metal posted coloured coded to match the house fittings!

The steel post had a galvanised coating to protect it. Paint will not stick to this very well & so it would have to be stripped away first with a special solution.

Once that chemical reaction has finished & been washed clean the surface was ready for etch priming.

While several good coats of primer were drying I could mix up the colour. A lot of things around the home & on buildings are painted a huge range of colours. More often than not a good match can be found using the RAL colour scheme. A few years ago I was able to create a small touch-up pot of paint for a lady who had scratched some furniture. She had managed to get a RAL colour code from the manufactures!!

It’s nice to do something a little different every so often…These colour coded items around the property looked so much better than the original standard… another job jobbed!!

If you have anything that needs painting or colour coding…..