Car Scratch Repair

Sometimes it is more than just a bit of scuffed bumper repair. That wall was a little higher than we would have liked & it’s damaged the wheel arch too! Or a car door scratch has appeared since you went to the supermarket… Attention to Detail’s Car Scratch Repair service could be just the job.

By definition SMART Repair (Small Medium Area Repair Techniques) is ideally suited to these small niggling car scratch repairs. Too big to polish out or touch-in & too small to pay all that money in a body shop. Using the SMART Repair process allows us to localise the repair area and blend into the original paint finish. Preserving as much of that original factory paintwork as possible

Convenient Mobile Service

Instead of losing your car for days in a body shop painting entire panels. Our fully equipped Mobile SMART Repair unit can come to you. We take the paint code from your vehicle VIN plate & mix the paint on site. Car scratch repairs or a minor panel repair can be carried out conveniently at your home or at work. We get busy, while you’re busy, no need to take any time off, everybody’s happy…. even the Boss!

Paint Chip Repair

Get those stone chips done & while we are there, why not add one of our Car Paint Chip Tidy Up sessions. Your car will be looking so good afterwards you might change your mind & not trade it in after all….

For a quote just send us a photo of the damaged panels by Text or WhatsApp to

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to arrange an appointment.

happy workers after car scratch repair