Windscreen Chip Repair

A stone hitting your windscreen apart from making us all jump!!… is almost certainly going to leave a chip in the glass at the very least. Now is the time to act & get a Windscreen Chip Repair done as soon as possible. If left untreated over time water can get into that windscreen chip, discolour & weaken the plastic interlayer. In very cold weather that water in the chip could become frozen. Ice will then expand the chip & can crack the whole windscreen! A small 5p sized chip can turn into an expensive windscreen replacement.

Don’t fail your MOT Test…

That windscreen chip isn’t just a distraction to your eye when driving, but is also part of the MOT test. Your car can fail it’s MOT if a windscreen chip is over a certain size in the driver’s eye line ‘Zone A’. It can also fail if the MOT tester feels that the chip in the glass can damage the wiper blade rubber.

There are regulations around the size and position of chips that can be repaired. Just call 07966 171242 or click the link below for advise.

How does it work?

Attention to Detail can offer a quick & convenient on site Windscreen Chip Repair. Resin is forced into the windscreen chip under pressure. This is then cured by UV light making a strong, water resistant repair. The resin filled chip is then polished smooth & to an MOT passable finish. Most repairs take around 20 minutes & you can drive away as soon as it’s finished. A windscreen repair cost is often less than your windscreen replacement excess.

Can you repair a cracked windscreen?

If caught early & up to a certain length, it is even possible to carry out a Cracked Windscreen Repair. Drilling a tiny hole in the glass just ahead of the crack it is sometimes possible to stop the crack getting any bigger.

Headlight Restoration

Expensive sealed beam headlight units do not always need to be replaced if they have minor damage. Chips & scratches in the glass can be filled & polished smooth. Even a ‘bullet hole’ can sometimes have the plug of glass bonded back into place with the resin.

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