Q: What do you need if you come out to do my repair?…..Do I need to be there?

A: We need somebody there with the keys to the vehicle. We will need to be able to park close to your vehicle (side by side or front/behind ideally) We also need access to a 240v plug socket so we can run the long extension leads (30m) out to the van.

Q: How long will the repair take?

A: All repairs are different, some are quick like a cigarette burn in a seat or a windscreen chip repair. Others like a paint repair across the bumper corner & into the next panel, may take 3 or 4 hours depending on size. We will give you a better idea of time along with a cost estimate when we see your car or receive your photos.

Q: How quickly can I drive the car again?

A: The average bumper scuff repair for example, will take around 2-3 hours. The paint will be cured & dry ready for you to drive away as soon as we finish if you need to.

Q: Can I treat the car normally after the repair?

A: Your car will be fine to drive or get wet immediately after the repair. We do advise you not to wash or polish it for 5 days. This will allow the paint time to fully cure & the lacquer to harden. If you plan to apply protective coatings or vinyl wraps, please be aware that new paint can still be curing for up to 30 days. We use the same paint as in a body shop, but we obviously cannot bake it in an oven like they do.

Q: How long is the repair guaranteed for?

A: Our paintwork is covered by a 12 months guarantee against faulty workmanship or products from the date of your invoice. However in the case of alloy wheels, we cannot warranty the paint finish where further kerb damage has effected the previous repair area. If you are not happy we will look to do the repair again FOC or offer a refund to the value of your original invoice.

Q: Can you repair all damage?… I have a big scratch on my bonnet, can this be done mobile at my work?

A: Every repair is different, size, damage location & body colour all have a baring on the finished result. A 6″ scratch on a bumper next the fog light is an entirely different job to a 6″ scratch in the middle of a door for example. Some repairs are definitely best carried out by a body shop in a conventional spray booth. We will always give you our best advice & direct you to best way to repair the damage…. even if it means we don’t do the job & refer you on to somebody else for the best result.

Q: Can dashboards be repaired when an Airbag has gone off?

A: This is one repair we definitely won’t undertake. We take our work responsibly, with our client health & safety in mind. The vehicle could be involved in an accident at a later date causing the new airbag deploy. This would result in a very high risk of the now hardened repair resin fragments flying around the cabin causing injury. For this reason, our answer will be No!