Car Interior Repair

Cigarette Burn Repair

It’s all too easy for a hot cigarette to cause £££s of damage to your seats & carpets. This can really spoil the appearance of your car, not to mention dramatically reduce the Trade-in or Resale value.

Woven fabric & Velour car seats can be repaired using coloured fibres. We carry probably the largest range of colours on board. Taking time to carefully reproduce the patterns in these fabrics is an important factor in car interior repair.

Dashboard Scratch Repair

Damage can be caused by many things. The fitting of ‘after market’ accessories can leave ugly marks. Screw holes left behind from removal of phone brackets, a slip from a screwdriver or even the marks left behind a cardboard air freshener!!!….You have been warned!!!

Door Trim Repair

Seat belts don’t always wind back as quickly as we like. We hop out, swing the door closed & blip the locking button as we walk away. Unaware that the seatbelt clip has just been trapped  between the seat & the door trim causing damage.

Leather & Vinyl Seat Repair

Worn drivers bolster cushion, tears & scuffs to Leather & Vinyl car interiors can be repaired. Using resins & fillers to repair the damage before applying a grain effect to blend in the repaired area. A full range of water based tints carried on board allow the colour to then be mixed on site & carefully airbrushed in to finish the repair off.

Interior Trim Repairs

Small people & their swinging feet (bless them!!!) can cause havoc to the back of a car seat. The over enthusiastic loading of boxes & cases playing ‘luggage tetris’ will scuff the boot trims easily. Not to mention the damage shattered glass can do to soft vinyl & leather after a visit from uninvited guests!!

Don’t Replace it… Repair it

Most car interior trims are only available from car manufacturer main dealers. Replacements are both costly & time consuming waiting for ordered parts to arrive before the workshop can fit them. Attention to Detail can come out to you at home or work, quickly & conveniently carry out a Car Interior Trim Repair there & then.

For a Car Interior Repair quote just send us a photo of the damaged trims by Text or WhatsApp to 07966 171242 or simply

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