Aviation Smart Repairs

Attention to Detail have been pleased to work under sub-contract to The Full Wax (www.fullwax.com) for many years. We provide Aviation Smart Repairs as paint repair support to their aviation detailing business.

The aim is to bring High End Automotive SMART Repair to the Aviation industry. From small scuffs & scratches to paintwork, though they obviously don’t get knocked in Tesco car park too often!! Unsightly ‘Rivet Rash’ from popped rivet heads can really spoil those sleek lines of a luxury executive jet. The procedure of localised paint repairs rather than full panel respray is exactly the same on aircraft as it is on cars.

Engineers find this a great way of keeping the aircraft looking unblemished. The paint repair service runs perfectly alongside downtime for maintenance or detailing the aircraft. The Aviation Smart Repairs process utilises the aircrafts own ‘fly away’ paint kit, for perfect colour matching.