Bumper Repair

We have all had that terrible feeling swinging out of a parking space ….’did I catch that wall or just miss it?’ Then that awful grating noise confirms it!! Or seeing the scuffed paintwork as we come up the drive before walking through the front door to hear those immortal words…. “Sorry, I scratched the car!” Time to get on the phone & organise getting a Bumper Repair.

The SMART Repair process is perfect for mobile bumper repairs. Most scuffed bumper repairs fall easily into the principles of Small Medium Area Repair Techniques perfectly. Attention to Detail can repair scratched plastic bumpers, quickly & easily. Restoring it to almost as new at a fraction of conventional body shop prices. Cracked bumper repairs can be carried out using plastic welding before being repainted.Body colour coded bumpers are no problem.

Many body shops don’t have the time to repair a scuffed bumper & will often want to replace it. No waiting to order paint in specially. Using the paint ID code on your vehicle, we can mix the colour on our fully equipped mobile repair van. Any of thousands of colours can be created in minutes.

Black Plastic Bumper Scratch Repair

Deep gouges or scuffs to textured black plastic bumpers can also be repaired. Filled with a resin, reshaped & sanded smooth again. A texture & colour is then applied & blended away. The materials & techniques are similar to those used in our Car Interior Repairs to create texture & grain.

Simply send us a photo of the scuff by Text or WhatsApp to 07966 171 242 or

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