Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Attention to Detail offer a convenient mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment service. There are few things that make a car look unloved than scuffed alloy wheels or even worse kerbed alloy wheels. They stand out almost as much as a big scuffed bumper. Not to mention lower your car’s value when you come to sell it or trade it in. High granite kerbs are unforgiving, the all too common deep potholes are often causes of alloy wheel damage.

Painted Alloy Wheels

Most silver painted wheels can be repaired quickly & easily onsite. The average kerb damage can be repaired in about an hour per wheel. If it’s just one wheel, usually the NSF wheel, it can be repaired & you can drive the car in around 1.5 hours. All 4 wheels can be repaired within the day… drive to work & we can have them all finished ready for you to drive home again!!

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Minor damage to Polished or Diamond Cut alloy wheels repairs can be carried out by our mobile unit. Full diamond cut refurbishment has to be refaced on a lathe which we can arrange for you.

Lease & Car Hire Returns

Alloy wheel refurbishment when used in conjunction with one of our ‘Paint Chip & Scratch Tidy Up‘ session, is perfect preparation for car lease or car hire end of contract returns. Our clients tell us they save on average 50% what they would have been charged by their Lease Company termination fees.

You can find us on WhatsApp or Text us a photo of your wheels for a Quote. Or get in touch by the Contact Page & we’ll get straight back to you to discuss the best solution to your problem.

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