Paint Chip Repair

No matter how hard we try, how far from the next car in the upper most level of the multi-storey car park we park in (yes I do it too!!) Paint Stone Chips & Scratches will happen! Without carrying out a paint chip repair these stone chips can soon build up spoiling the appearance of your car.

Motorway driving will inevitably lead to paint stone chips on the leading edge of your bonnet & front panel. Until controlling supermarket trolleys are part of the driving test, it’s a fact of life that our doors & wings will get small scuffs, scratches & dings!! You’ve put the car away in the garage a million times & never caught the wall with the door mirror…. until today!!! Or maybe it’s simply time for a new car?

Attention to Detail offers a Paint Chip Repair service. A couple of hours with us will make selling your car that little bit easier. Your trade-in will be worth that little bit more. Making your new car just that little bit easier to afford. This service is often used as a ‘Pre Sale Tidy Up Session‘ for all those little stone chips… including Windscreen Chip Repair. The kit is always on the van, so grab me while I’m there!!

A lot of people decide to do the paint chip repair or ‘touch up’ themselves. With a steady hand you can achieve fairly good results if there are only a few small stone chips. However it can be very easy to apply too much paint & that will eat into the original paint surface. There are times when your car should go straight for a professional paint chip repair.

Without experience trying to touch up a lot of stone chips can quickly look a mess. Stone chips that go down to metal can rust, particularly in Winter with salt on the roads. Rust is a big problem & can creep under the surface of the paint. If not addressed first before carrying out the paint chip repair it can continue to spread along the metal underneath the paint. In time it will resulting in a more costly respray or panel replacement further down the line.

Lease Car & Hire Car Returns

Do you drive a car that’s coming to the end of it’s Lease or Hire term? Company Car Fleet managers are now realising that spending a little before the car is returned will save a lot.  Lease or Hire Company refurbishment costs are often more than twice the competitively priced services from Attention Detail. Vehicles retain better residual value, maintenance budgets go further.

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