Years ago car headlights were only ever made from glass. Technology has advanced & hard acrylic type plastics are now often used. Much as this makes the headlight lenses more impact resistant, they now can fall fowl to fading. Drive around & it won’t be long before you spot faded, foggy, yellowing headlight lenses.

Natural ultraviolet light (daylight) can effect some plastics over time. Modern car cleaning chemicals, if not diluted correctly will also start to attack these plastics & coatings. This yellowing & fading doesn’t just spoil the look of your car, it can greatly reduce the amount of light hitting the road at night. It has become such a safety issue that it now part of the MOT Test too. If it’s not too bad some garages mark it as an ‘Advisory Notice’ giving you warning for next year’s test.

Faded Headlight lens repair before & after by Attention to Detail mobile smart repairs

Before & After

This car actually failed it’s MOT due to these headlights…a little harshly I thought. My customer was quoted a price to have the headlights replaced!  Luckily he had used me before for a Bumper Scratch Repair & knew I could help him out. I went round to his home & got those faded headlight lenses looking brand new again. He went back for a re-test the following day & passed no problem at all this time.

If you have noticed you car has faded yellowing headlights, give us a call on 07966 171 242.

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